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SaFireU.dll, version 1, 0, 0, 49 - safireu pinnacle systems vistaExample - how SaFireU.dll can look in the Windows Explorer

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DLL name: SaFireU.dll or SaFireU

How to find the DLL:
Typically located in: Program files folder/some subfolder
Full version: 1, 0, 0, 49
File size: 1458176 bytes

Information saved in the DLL itself:
Howto display it: Press Ctrl+Enter on DLL name, then click on 'Version' tab and compare with values listed below. Please keep in mind that malicious software often saves here fake identification or author name (see disclaimer below). Some trojan can sometimes use the same file name.
Author: Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Description: SaFireU
Internal name: SaFireU
Information about Copyright: Copyright © 2004, Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Original file name: SaFireU.dll
Product version: 1, 0, 0, 49

Relates to: safireu pinnacle systems vista data> inc con forums 080 windows
Security risk: unknown
Description: not set
Part of OS: unknown
Designed for OS: Win NT 32
User reviews: 0 review(s).
Note: user reviews temporarilly unavailable. Please check later

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Common SaFireU.dll errors and problems: missing dll file, runtime error, trojan or virus found in..
Wanna remove SaFireU.dll? First check if usefull, better than manual removal is downolad custom dll remover or fix (repair) tool. Warning: Removing can cause a data loss and/or system instability.

Text string snipplet:
¦Rich6¦.text¦`.text1¦`.rdata¦@.data¦.data1¦.rsrc¦@.reloc¦P_^¦Q P Q$P$Q(P(Q,P,I0H0¦Q P Q$P$Q(P(Q,P,I

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Disclaimer - SaFireU.dll

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