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3drm.dll means misprint for Windows DLL named d3drm.dll

This DLL name - 3drm.dll - is most propably not a real Windows library name, but just a misprint for Windows DLL or library d3drm.dll. See d3drm.dll for more info.

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Disclaimer - d3drm.dll

MightyChicken.com pays a big attention to provide you with the correct information for d3drm.dll. However, many spyware/malware programs use filenames of usual, non-malware programs and DLLs. If we have included information about d3drm.dll that is inaccurate, we would greatly appreciate your help by uploading your user reviews. Links to software vendors are provided for information purposes only, and MightyChicken.com cannot guarantee its accuracy nor relevance with DLL listed on this page.
You should always verify the accuracy of information we provided about d3drm.dll. MightyChicken.com is not responsible for misprints or changes occured since this page was published.



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